Educational Institutions

Property Insurance

This is the vehicle that is used to repair or rebuild churches and schools that have been damaged by a number of causes. This insurance pays the insured for physical loss or damage to their church property–building and contents. The protection of church property is how the organization (ARM) got started almost 70 years ago.

Equipment Breakdown

This equipment breakdown coverage applies to direct damage resulting from an accident involving equipment. In general, equipment covered includes any property built to operate under vacuum or pressure. Coverage includes property damage, business income, extra expense, service interruption, perishable goods, ammonia contamination, demolition increase, cost of construction, and CFC refrigerants.

General Liability

This insurance pays the sums that the Insured becomes legally obligated to pay, or that the insurance company has agreed to pay, for damages to others as a result of the Insured’s negligence. This policy may cover bodily injury to another individual or damage to property belonging to others. A very common example of this coverage is the person who falls down the steps at church and incurs medical bills. This policy also provides protection for the policyholder when someone alleges negligence.

Automobile Insurance

This refers to any type of insurance pertaining to the ownership, maintenance, or use of automobiles. There are several coverages typically included in church related automobile policies including: Auto liability – which provides protection from loss incurred through legal liability for bodily injury and damage to property of others, caused by accidents arising out of ownership, maintenance, or use of an auto by the Insured. Auto medical payments – coverage pays the medical expenses of the policyholder and any of the passengers injured by the Insured’s auto, without regard for fault. Uninsured motorist -pays all sums the "insured" is legally entitled to recover as compensatory damages from the owner or driver of an "uninsured motor vehicle." Auto physical damage – protection for material damage insurance, which covers loss or damage to the Insured’s auto. Auto insurance is used by church entities throughout the U.S. In addition to the cars that are covered for conferences and churches, it also provides coverage for numerous buses as well as trucks. The church auto policies also include coverage hired and non-owned vehicles.

Sexual Misconduct

Employment Practices Liability
This refers to an insurance policy that provides protection for certain claims arising out of the employment arena to include coverage for volunteers. Particular coverages include sexual harassment, wrongful termination, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Additionally, the policy offered by the church includes coverage for sexual molestation.

This refers to an insurance coverage that may provide liability and legal expense protection against claims that arise due to sexual misconduct.


Short Term Travel

International or domestic travel is an exciting adventure that is filled with uncertainty and unpredictability. Travel accident insurance is a vital coverage that travelers carry with them and can access anywhere to help make their travel safe, convenient and rewarding whenever they venture from their permanent place of residence. The church's international travel insurance includes the following:
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption (TC/I)
  • Medical Protection
  • Accident Medical Expense
  • Sickness Medical Expense
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Personal Effects/Baggage
  • Travel Assistance
This insurance program is available to employees, retirees, individuals, or groups on business or sponsored approved travel of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Vacation travel is covered when combined with a business or sponsored activity.

Personal Effects Floater

Purpose: To provide coverage for loss of or damage to covered property while the covered individual is traveling or engaged in business activities on behalf of their participating organization, away from the premises of the covered individual’s residence, domicile, or home, subject to all the provisions. Eligibility: All employees approved by the participating Seventh-day Adventist organization Property covered: Personal effects belonging to and usually carried or worn by the covered individual. Coverage is available only for business travel or while engaged in business activities away from the place of permanent residence, and subject to all the provisions of the policy. Payment: As determined by employer Benefit Provisions: Loss of or damage to covered property.
U.S. $1,000
U.S. $2,000
U.S. $3,000
U.S. $4,000
Per occurrence

Short Term International Automobile Liability

Coverage is provided for owned, non-owned, and hired automobiles. This coverage is excess over any other valid and collectible insurance and excluded in the territories of U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and state department restricted countries. The policy pays for sums that an insured becomes legally obligated to pay for bodily injury and damage to the property of others, caused by accidents arising out of ownership, maintenance, or use of automobile. Excess Automobile Applications are available upon request.


This coverage is designed to provide limited additional medical, disability income, and accidental death or dismemberment expenses for injuries sustained during approved volunteer service.


Accident Injury Plans are available to Amateur Sport Organizations for both Youth and Adult Groups. Accident Medical Expense Coverage is often purchased to help enhance Liability coverage and help deter Liability claims. When Medical bills are paid, without any out-of-pocket expense to the insured, the risk of Lawsuits may be greatly reduced.

Student Accident

Active children are a joy to watch, but playtime can carry higher risks for accidents. ARM together with Christian Educators Trust provides coverage

This coverage offers protection against covered accidents and sickness that occur while attending or traveling to and from a participating camp.


Crime Insurance - This coverage provides payment for direct losses of money, securities, or other property caused by theft or forgery by an employee acting alone or in collusion with others. Coverage for premises, transit, and funds transfer fraud is also included.

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