Which insurance do I need?

An insurance policy is an agreement between your ministry and an insurance company. It’s basically a promise. The policy describes what that promise means.  For example, if your building were to catch fire, your insurance company promises to help you to restore or replace it, so that your ministry doesn’t bear the overwhelming expense alone.

Not all insurance policies are alike. Some may be better suited to a business than to a church. It’s important to consult with an insurance agent who understands the needs of organizations like yours, so that your policy addresses all of the risks your ministry may face.

Church Member

As a church member the products that may be of interest to you are:

Travel Insurance
If you are going on a church approved trip such as a mission trip, this coverage will help to cover those risks.

Denominational Entity and Employer

As a denominational entity you will be interested in the Property and Liability products, the Transportation products, and perhaps the Employment Practices products as well. Depending on what you do, you may have other needs not listed here.  It is important to talk to your Adventist Risk Management, Inc. representative to learn more about your risks and what products may be available to cover them.

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