Child Protection

Child Protection Resources for

Seventh-day Adventist Churches in North America

Thank you for your interest in protection children from the harm of abuse and adults from the potential for false allegations.  These resources will help acquaint you with a series of Child Protection Resources that you can implement at the local church and school level.  It also includes information on the Shield the Vulnerable – “PREPARED” Background Screening and Training program that is being implemented across the North American Division in 2012.

END IT NOW: Understanding Child Abuse in the Adventist Church from Loma Linda University Health on Vimeo.

Visit the Shield the Vulnerable website.

Implementation Resources

Reference Resources

   2010 Church Manual Statements
   NAD FB-20 Child Protection & Volunteer Screening Policies for Children/Youth Ministries
   Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (CDC Guide)
   Sex Offenders - Keeping Children, Schools and Churches Safe
   Sex Offenders - in Church
   Signs of Child Abuse - US Health & Human Resources
 Child Welfare Information Gateway, available online at 


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   The "Art" of Bullying - by Larry Blackmer
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   "Making a Difference" - by Arthur F. Blinci
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