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Patrick ReynoldsSometimes, life does not work how we plan. Patrick retired from US Navy and spent years in seminary school planning to be a pastor for one of our conferences. However, God had a different plan for him. In 2012, while waiting for a job offer he started a part time job at ARM for two weeks.  He did the best he could at his job that was noticeable enough to earn a position that eventually opened up for Administrative Assistant. Several months passed by and while chatting here and there with some key people in the company Patrick’s passion for computers became known. So much so that he was sent to take classes, earned a degree and now, he works as a network administrator to develop the network structure of ARM.  A hard worker employee that has been able to see the fruits of his labor materialized somehow quickly in his life. Not what he expected but what God had planned for him.

Because he still has a heart of a minister, he enjoys very much his job when seeing the smile on the users face when he is able to fix their computer problem and get them back working on their important tasks at hand. One of the things Patrick likes about himself is that he is driven to succeed at whatever he does. He wants to be the best at his work and at home as a father and a husband. However, because he is a hard worker, sometimes he tends to take too much at one time and it can be overwhelming; so he might make mistakes and he does not like mistakes. “But the good thing is that my military background teaches me to learn from my mistakes and not to repeat them,” says him. 

Patrick is a Tiramisu’s lover; so much so that he has to order one every time he goes to an Italian Restaurant.  He describes himself as a simple man of God trying to get along in a ravaged and evil world that tries to consume us with doubts, desires and misconceptions of a loving Lord and Savior. As such, his favorite place to go is the sanctuary on Sabbath morning and worship the Lord. Whether he is preaching, teaching or simply enjoying service, he likes being in the house of God.

As a normal human being, some things make him angry. His pet peeve is when his wife, Vilma, cleans his cave, (as he calls it), and then when he goes back in there and wonder, “where in the world is my stuff, I know I had it sitting right here yesterday”, says Patrick. Although he gets cranky when that happens, his wife and son are the greatest gifts in his life. So much so that the happiest moment in his life would be a tie between the birth of their son Christopher and the marriage to his wife and life partner Vilma Santa Rosa.  For him, the two events can be separated but are eternally meshed together.

Patrick would like to be remembered as a man who loved and served his Lord and savior as best as he could and was a good husband and father and spiritual leader to his family. While alive, he can still make a difference in this world and If he could change the world the first thing he would do would be to love the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind and the second would be to love his neighbor as himself.  And he finishes,” if we as Adventist practiced this one theology our church would grow by leaps and bounds and we would no longer need evangelists because each of us would be an evangelist for the kingdom of God! “

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Thursday, September 6, 2012 7:23 AM
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 2:58 AM
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Monday, October 8, 2012 10:07 AM
as is customary in Venezuelan elections.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 9:13 AM

Chapter to pay 250 dollars

In the morning of May 4, 1,7, coach outlet stupid farming along with the man from the rented room, peer-section of the road, they parted ways, if the man rushed to go to work that Job stupid farming again to that Far East move house candidates, a continuation of yesterday's action, but significantly larger than the state resumed yesterday.

Far East moving houses in the stupidity farming's image in the eyes of, and has been greatly reduced, stupidity farming if there are other ways you can find work, stupid farming will never go to the Far East to move so candidates stupid farming completely do not even think about, but also There is no other way to find a job, stupid plowing under a lot of determination, the candidates to go to coach factory outlet online the Far East to move so successful, it seems stupid farming good sleep one night only effect is to let him go to the Far East to move so confident of success candidates other little ideas are not stupid farming and to enter into a certain state, flounders, almost with the usual two look like.

Stupid farming once again came to the Far East to move so the volume in front of the gate door, distraught, gingerly, as if no matter how well prepared stupidity farming psychological Once the candidate really is about, is still very nervous, more so yu farming painful is they discovered that this the rolling gates facade original or off, do not come to work so late, and yesterday they found so early from work, which can do, not cranky, renewable detailed look at, Yu Geng This suddenly, scream, deeply blame him yesterday carelessness simply muddled through and through.

In fact, from the appearance of the facade of the entire volume gate, you can see that this volume gate facade has been turned off for a long time, the facade of the alley coach outlet store wall, upright stretch a Far East to move so small brand, coupled with the wall on red paint arrows marked contrast to should demonstrate that the Far East moving houses in this facade, just rolling gates off, wear the alley, behind the facade of the inside of this house, this clearly seems to be a very strenuous, the actual look will be able to see it, for people accustomed to living in the city, it is at a glance, the rural people first entered the city, is not easy to distinguish the so many kinds of marks, signs.

Terribly stupid farming muddle yesterday categorically identified is closed from work, Zhenshi Ben and repentant, so ashamed yesterday inside the staff of the Job also thought it was the Far East to move so closed from coach outlet online work, corresponding stupid farming will be more important this time candidates, to the stupidity farming not candidates, the more there is a fate.

3, Yu Geng wear look alley, the right turn before the move so the door to the Far East.

I saw in the ten to twenty square hut, compact furnishings arranged to become the office of the Far East, moving houses, are four men and a woman sitting at a desk, you made me a language to talk about, relying on door at a bench, are sitting around a middle-aged man, serious atmosphere than office furnishings, four men and one woman more Far East moving houses is what kind of company, better show that Far East move so what, every word as if they are talking about, are related to a small business, and the light from the office furnishings of view, do not believe can be accomplishing something much.

Stupid farming prohibitive, had honestly stood in the doorway, silent, hoping that someone will take the initiative to greet him loudly.

Yu farming by little hesitation on hold back any longer, and courage inside stammered landlords trends signaled say hello, but dare not go, palpitations becoming quite, as if afraid to let the Far East to move just because he is so hello, the house lost than not small business, rural people first entered the city, easy to overestimate the city people did seem to be inside a year's harvest, also arrived in the city people once eloquent brought harvest.

Hello stupid farming, but angered the four men and one woman uranium enrichment and to stupid farming cast a disgusted vision, and some people love to ignore the answer, vicious Baba asked stupid farming which is doing with yourself almost rhetorical, obviously stupid farming appear to disturb them talk about the process, very disappointing that stupid farming Daredevil exceedingly annoying stupidity farming taboo coach factory outlet most people think he is annoying, stupid farming generally try not to make people feel he annoying, stupid farming fear and trepidation, nervous, that does not bode well, wished he could just walk away.

4, Yu Geng deeply heavy pressure, scalp numbness, but sluggish first parcel he laid on the ground, then it holds all that a letter of introduction, slowly shift into muttering explained he came to candidates, it seemed to be unafraid of death, to make personnel listen to fate. Is beyond stupid farming surprisingly someone took the letter of introduction, roughly over ended again, stupid plowing attitude immediately becomes mild, before and after different person, was also looked at that letter of introduction, recited the sound of endless, active atmosphere stupid farming immediately became the object of their attention, to pause in front of them talk as if they were stupid farming interest is greater than the interest of one is talking about business, work together to do stupid, farming work, asking questions.

Stupid farming flattered, submissive, bent to successful candidates, completely coach purses outlet dazzled reaction, however, the more impossible to stay awake, not to mention from the fact, he yesterday came to see.

After questioning, they stupid plowing, very satisfied, the spot promised can cheap coach purses be hired, but must remand the ID card and a deposit of 250 yuan, or talking about anything, there is no room for negotiation.

Stupid Koichi heard can be hired, almost secretly ecstasy, which will be remembered, warned his staff yesterday that the Job, Do not escorted ID card and charge a deposit to be true, stupid farming would not think that if he was taken identity card and a deposit of 250 dollars, equal to him when the back two hundred fifty, stupid farming has not heard what the "hundred and fifty, but do not know" two hundred and fifty "stupid farming can not imagine charge his identity card coach factory online and 250 dollars gold necessarily malicious, it touches can be understood as a rule, good to prevent some people casually Dry did not intend to move so well done for a long time in the Far East, we are not afraid escorted identity card and a 250-dollar deposit, stupidity farming certainly intend in the Far East, moving louis vuitton purses houses have done a long time some stupid farming that he intends to move so well done for a long time in the Far East and in the Far East, he was able to move so well done for a coach outlet online long time is one thing , stupid farming without even thinking immediately intention to hand over their identity cards and 250 dollars, have no slightest preparedness of the heart, just stupid tillage left little money, if you hand over 250 yuan, almost put stupid farming all the money out, this had to let stupid tillage depth concerns.

Desperation, stupidity farming had Lulu said to them, it is difficult coach factory to hand over a deposit of 250 dollars to see if I can bend the rules, but to charge his identity card to the point it does not matter.

Monday, December 17, 2012 9:23 AM
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