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New Hire - Enrollment Forms

Disability insurance is an extremely important coverage that will replace your income if you become disabled due to sickness or injury and cannot work. Through the Long-term Disability policy with ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (through VOYA), your SDA Employer has made provision for your income replacement should the need arise. Most importantly, because it is an employer-provided benefit, it costs you nothing.

All regular full time employees of the North American Division as defined by individual employers, are covered under the LTD plan. In the event you become disabled and remain so throughout the 90-day elimination period, LTD will replace your lost income at 66.67% to a maximum of $6,000 per month.

Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)
Long Term Disability COLA
Long Term Disability non-COLA

Download enrollment and claim forms at the Life & Disability Forms page.

Death Benefits

Accidents and illness is an unfortunate part of life.  We need to be prepared for the financial concerns that could put upon our family members in the event of an untimely death.  The coverages listed below off the extra financial assistance your family may need to meet and overcome sudden or unexpected problems.  These plans provide employees and their families with a monetary bridge to assist them in getting through troubled times when income is lost due to an accidental injury or death.

Everest Funeral Planning Service Brochure English | Spanish

Life Insurance


Each active full-time employee of the North American Division is eligible for the Basic Group Life Insurance.  Each employee has $100,000 of coverage; their spouse for $50,000; dependent children for $10,000. This is an employer paid benefit.

Summary Plan Descriptions
Basic Group Life
Plans A & B
Accelerated Death Benefit


You are eligible to purchase this coverage if you are an employee within the North American Division working a minimum of 19 hours per week.  If eligible, you can purchase coverage from $10,000 up to $750,000 in increments of $10,000.  If electing outside of your 30 day new hire period, you will need to complete a Evidence of Insurability Application (EOI) for any amount elected.  If you are a new hire and within the first 30 days of hire, you have a “Guaranteed Issue Amount” of up to $250,000 in increments of $10,000.  The Guaranteed Issue Amount does not require an EOI. The premium cost will be deducted from your payroll.

Supplemental Life Summary Plan Description


As part of your Life Insurance benefit, VOYA includes Travel Assistance coverage at no additional charge. When traveling more than 100 miles from home, VOYA Travel Assistance offers you and your dependents four types of services: Pre-Trip Information, Emergency Personal Services, Medical Assistance Services, and Emergency Transportation Services.

To learn more and to print your wallet ID card, download the PDF form here. 

Online Portal:
Group ID: N1VOY
Activation Code: 140623 
What does the new travel assistance website provide to you?
The Premium Travel Risk Intelligence Portal features information and tools to support travelers before and during their trips abroad. The site contains real-time destination-based health, security and travel-related information including:  
  • Country and city risk ratings and profiles
  • Health, medical, safety and security reports per locale
  • Mitigation tips and consulate contacts
  • Information on business conduct, transportation, holidays, currency exchange rates, etc.
  • News and real-time security alerts
  • General travel tips
A variety of tools have also been integrated within the portal to minimize inconvenience during trips and support travelers in an emergency. These include:
  • Drug translator which can be used to find the foreign equivalent of a US drug
  • Medical terms translator to facilitate communicating with medical personnel in foreign locations
  • Medical provider search to look up hospitals and doctors in a given locale
  • International calling code search to obtain the code to dial from one country to another
  • Call Me Back feature so that travelers can contact the EA USA assistance center and receive a call back within a defined time, particularly useful if you have difficulty calling EA collect or making international calls
  • Emergency number look up for finding the foreign equivalent of 911
  • An Emergency Profile that provides you with a convenient, online, secure repository to store and access their essential health, contact and travel information along with important documents and images
  • Push Alerts that allow travelers to opt in to receive the latest risk alerts and advisories on their countries of interest by subscribing to receive Country, Regional or Live Trip Alerts via email

Personal Accident Insurance (AD&D)

You are eligible to purchase this coverage if you are an employee within the North American Division working a minimum of 19 hours per week.  If eligible, you can purchase coverage from $10,000 up to $500,000 for yourself; you may cover your spouse at 100% of the employee amount; dependent children are eligible for the lesser of 100% of the employee amount up to $25,000.  Coverage may be elected at any time during eligibility.  The premium cost will be deducted from your payroll.

Summary Plan Description 

Summary Plan Rider

Download enrollment and claim forms at the Life & Disability Forms page.

Employee Assistance Program

EAP posterThis coverage is a provision of your group life insurance policy through your employer. Personal issues, planning for life events or simply managing daily life can affect your work, health and family. ComPsych® GuidanceResources® provides support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. GuidanceResources is company-sponsored, confidential and provided at no charge to you and your dependents. This flyer explains how GuidanceResources can help you and your family deal with everyday challenges.

Wallet Card
ComPsych Poster