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Launching Safety Sabbath 2016

  Several minutes passed and the Easter program was going to start. Mom knew Billy wouldn’t want to miss a second of the play. The...

The Resolution You Forgot to Make

5 Risk Management Resolutions To Make1. Select a Safety Officer – The protection of  your people and property is a team effort. Local...

3 DIY's to Prepare Your Facilities for Winter

#1 The Boiler Room Does your church use the boiler room as another area for storage? Maybe it’s where you keep the holiday decorations,...

5 Things You Should Know About Child Safety Seats

CRASH! BANG! Cars screech to a halt all around. Passersby run to the middle of the intersection to investigate the now upside down car. Rick lies...

The Minutes Between Life and Death

Start Your Medical Emergency Response PlanIdentify and document the goals of the emergency response plan.Identify members of the response team and...

A Healthy Kid, A Happy Camper

Camp activities are inherently risky. The success with which the activities are carried out depends on thorough pre-planning on the part of camp...

Four Things You Need to Know About Church IT Security

1. WHAT DO I NEED TO PROTECT AND WHY? Many church and other related organizations may not consider that they have anything of much importance on...

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