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ARM Enhances Phone System and Business Hours

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ARM Enhances Phone System and Business Hours

ARM Enhances Phone System and Business Hours

September 24, 2018

Silver Spring, MD. September 24, 2018-Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM) is implementing a new phone system which will be live September 26, 2018. New features will include Spanish language options, and more responsive menus designed to connect callers faster with someone who can help them. Together with the decision to open Fridays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm EST, this will provide greater ease of use and expanded availability of team members during and after business hours. As part of the update, office numbers for ARM staff will be changed. The 800 numbers and mobile numbers will remain unchanged.
ARM is committed to continually improving systems and processes to ensure clients are connected to the right person or resource during and after business hours. The number of key team members available at the headquarters in Silver Spring, MD on Fridays has been expanded to ensure that business processes can continue uninterrupted. ARM continues to offer 24/7 claims reporting.
 “Our Churches ministries and members are working around the world, in many languages,” said Tim Northrop, president and chief executive officer of ARM. “It is our committement to be here and provide the professional risk management and insurance services so that your ministry will be interrupted for as little time as possible.”
New office phone numbers will be communicated to clients prior to the change.
Adventist Risk Management, Inc. is the risk management company for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We provide risk management services and insurance product solutions to assist the Church in eliminating oversights that can lead to costly accidents. ARM has its corporate headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, and satellite offices in Riverside, CA, St. Albans, England and Brasília, Brazil. Please contact David Fournier at (301) 453 - 6922 for more information. Please visit our website at We also invite you to join us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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