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We have created several simple tools for you to use in the evaluation process. The Self-Inspection Forms, are very easy-to-use tools. The fillable digital form can be completed on your computer or tablet. You also have the option to print it and fill it out manually. 
The form guides you through the various parts of a typical church, school or camp –from the mothers’ room to the sanctuary, the baptismal tank, etc. It will show you how to look for potential risks and hazards. Completing this form at least once a year will give you a good idea of what type of risks your church might be facing. It will also help you understand what kind of maintenance issues you should be addressing. This information will guide you and your organization’s board to understand how to prioritize the issues.
The length of the inspection will depend on the size and complexity of your church, school, or camp building(s). Our professional risk control specialists find that even after conducting a thorough inspection of a facility, the next year they will find problems that were missed, as well as new problems that have cropped up. This demonstrates the importance of regular inspections and maintenance. 
Church Self-Inspection Guide 

Church Self-Inspection Form 
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Camp Self-Inspection Form
School Self-Inspection Form