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The Safety Officer

Whether you are a new Safety Officer or have held the position for a number of years, the following information will help you understand your responsibilities.
You are not alone. Protecting people and property requires a team effort on the part of church pastors, elders and deacons; Sabbath School and activity leaders; the safety committee; the church board; and ultimately, church workers, volunteers and members. Good communication and interaction between you and these individuals is crucial.


A major way to prevent losses is to identify and correct hazardous conditions before accidents happen. At least once a year, with assistance from a member or members of the safety committee perform a walk through of the church. Because hazards can rapidly spring up, more frequents surveys are recommended, and all staff, elders, deacons and volunteers should constantly be vigilant and report or correct them when observed.
Some of the issues you will want to consider are:
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Security
  • Emergency Plans and Preparedness
  • Activities
  • Transportation


When incidents or accidents occur at the church, during an activity, or in transit, the Church Safety Officer in conjunction with the safety committee will conduct an investigation. Investigations help to identify the causes and what actions might help prevent similar accidents from occurring again. It is important to note that these are NOT claim forms. Click here for claim forms.

Accident Investigation Info

Accident Investigation Form

An Important Role

You have a big responsibility and an excellent opportunity to promote safety throughout the church. It is an important role, and your efforts are appreciated.
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