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Child and Youth Activities

Child Protection

Child Protection Resources for Seventh-day Adventist Churches in North America


Info Sheets

 Starting A Child Protection Plan 
English | French | Portuguese | Spanish

 Appropriate Touch for Staff and Children
 English | French | Portuguese | Spanish

 Child and Youth Check-in/Check-out Policy Guide
English | Spanish | French | Portuguese

 Child and Youth Supervision Guidelines
English | Spanish | French | Portuguese


Predator At The Door - Video


Supervision Webinar


Best Practices In Supervision of Children And Youth


Solutions Articles

The Personal Side of Youth Ministry

Child Abuse, Preventing and Handling 
When a Predator Attacks: Finding Healing Following a Child Sex Abuse Incident 
Understanding and Preventing Child Sex Abuse
Preventing Child-with-Child Sex Abuse
5 Key Features of a Child Protection Plan
The 4 P’s of Child Abuse Prevention

Child Supervision and Activities
Youth Trips! Where are The Rules?
Good Judgment Supervising Minors: Two Scenarios
How To Supervise Youth
Quick Tips Online Safety For Students
Parental Liability Waiver for Children's Activities 

Handling Litigation 
How To Manage Families, The Courts and Your School