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Many of us have fond memories of our years spent in Pathfinders. Now that it's our turn to lead Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs, we want to ensure that each young person has the same great experience. Pathfinder activities are meant to be fun!

A Practical Guide to Pathfinder Safety

 Download the new Practical Guide to Pathfinder Safety


Worksheets and Forms

 Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Form English | Spanish | French | Portuguese  

 Trip Planning Worksheet English | Spanish | French | Portuguese  

 Accident Incident Report English | Spanish | French | Portuguese  
Use to record details of any accident


 The Road to Oshkosh – Pathfinder Safety


Solutions Articles

Pathfinders Staff Members – Have you Protected Them? Part 1
Youth Trips! Where Are The Rules?
Parental Liability Waiver for Children’s Activities


Pathfinder Camp Safety Honor

Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities we can provide to our young people, especially our Pathfinders.

Honor Prerequisites
Successful completion of Pathfinder Honors: 
Camping Skills I
Camping Skills II
Camping Skills III
Camping Skills IV

Pathfinder Camp Safety is a Skill level III honor.

Pathfinder Camp Safety Honor Resources

 Download the Camp Safety Honor Brochure

 Camp Safety Honor Teaching PowerPoint Presentation

 Pathfinder Camp Safety Honor Requirements

 Pathfinder Camp Safety Honor Answers

 Pathfinder Camp safety Inspection Form

 Pathfinder Camp Safety Quiz



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