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Cybersecurity Q&A: When to Upgrade and How to Combat Hackers

Q: How often should my church upgrade its security systems?A: All churches must evaluate their technology’s security systems on an...

5 Little-Known Fire Starters

1.Don’t Leave a Charging Smartphone Under Pillows—or Under Anything! Phones have evolved into small computers with core processors that...

Can You Handle the Heat?

Heat Illnesses Prolonged exposure to sun and heat can result in several different illnesses. Here are a few* you should be aware of and...

It's A Risky Business

November 1997—By its nature, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is a people-oriented organization. Our church programs depend on dedicated...

Risk Managers Bungee Jump

What is Risk Management, Really? Many imagine risk management as limited to a list of “do not’s” when that’s simply not the...

Top Five Commonly Misunderstood Insurance Terms

1. Insurance Although it seems a bit basic, it’s important to understand the role of insurance. Unfortunately, many people have the wrong...

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