Hunter Pettis Named New Manager for ARM Risk Control

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Hunter Pettis Named New Manager for ARM Risk Control

Hunter Pettis Named New Manager for ARM Risk Control

March 20, 2024

Silver Spring, Md. March 20, 2023 – Adventist Risk Management®, Inc. (ARM) has named Hunter Pettis, new manager for Risk Control. Hunter joined ARM in January 2016 as an Account Executive in Client Care. After leaving in 2019, Hunter returned to ARM in 2021 serving as Senior Risk Manager for Risk Control. 
Hunter, a Psychology graduate of Oakwood University who also earned an MBA from Washington Adventist University, appreciates ARM’s unique role as both a business and service organization and values the opportunity to work to protect the people and assets of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
“With Hunter Pettis serving as the new Manager for Risk Control, I’m excited about the additional focus and momentum he can dedicate to the role. He has a great team and is already working to build and expand on processes and services already in place, says David Fournier, ARM’s Vice President for Client Care. “I expect with his knowledge and expertise we will be able to serve the church in the area of risk control in new and innovative ways.”
Hunter holds the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) and Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designations.
Adventist Risk Management®, Inc. (ARM) is the risk management and insurance company of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church. We provide risk management services and insurance product solutions to assist the Adventist Church in eliminating oversights that can lead to costly accidents. ARM has its corporate headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, and satellite offices in St. Albans, England and Brasilia, Brazil.
Please contact Wilona Karimabadi at 240-338-0154 for more information.

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