2024 Risk Management Conference Early Bird Registration is now open!

2024 Risk Management Conference Early Bird Registration is now open!

Early Bird Registration is now open for ARM's 2024 NAD Risk Management Conference – Safekeeping! Please use REGISTER link below to register your team. You will also find general event information, hotel booking, and travel options.

Child Protection
Children and youth represent a large percentage of the ministry that happens in the Seventh-day Adventist&nbsp;Church, including Sabbath School, VBS, Pathfinders, summer camps, and the educational system. This is why having an effective child-protection program is so critical.<br /> <br /> An effective child-protection plan starts with screening and regular training for anyone who works with young people. Consideration must be given to your facilities as well as proper supervision protocols to minimize accidents and prevent incidents of abuse.<br /> &nbsp;
Downloadable Infosheets
Starting a Child Protection Plan
Check-In/Check-Out Policy
Youth Supervision
Consent Form for Working with Children Online
Sample Child Protection Plan

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Webinars And Videos
Summer Camp Safety
This webinar covers some of the basics of safety camp safety that all camp staff need to know. It may be used as part of your training program for seasonal staff before camp starts or as a reference for the future.
How to Prevent Bullying in Your Ministry
Join ARM's chief client care officer, David Fournier and client care manager, Daisy Montes de Oca for a webinar to help you learn how to prevent bullying your ministry. Watch and share with your leaders in education.

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