International Pathfinder Camporee insurance is now available!

International Pathfinder Camporee insurance is now available!

This insurance will pay medical expenses for loss due to an accident or an emergency illness. Coverage includes the actual days of the camporee August 5-11, 2024, with an additional seven days for direct travel to and from the camporee.
Clubs and attendees not from the United States should purchase Short-Term Travel insurance.

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With new advances in digital communication, ministries are communicating more frequently and to larger audiences than ever before. Increased communication can mean increased risks, such as copyright violations and more.<br /> <br /> Communication skills become even more essential during a crisis. How we represent our organization in these sensitive moments can often have a greater effect on the organization&rsquo;s reputation than the crisis itself. Having a communication plan in place before a crisis hits can help you more easily navigate the crisis.<br /> &nbsp;
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How to identify issues and limit the likelihood they turn into crises
Crisis Communication Series | Part 3 of 7 - Learn how to identify where things are likely to go wrong and understand how that issue will affect the organization. Gain the skills to know how to change behaviors and how to correct the challenges that are present.

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