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Club Ministries
Pathfinders and Adventurers are unique ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that make an incredible impact on its young people. These ministries also involve a significant amount of risk. Club leaders and staff need to prioritize safety in all club activities.<br /> <br /> Because club ministries are about mentoring children and youth, ARM has developed resources that actually teach young people about the basics of safety. This is done in the context of the club ministry environment, but the principles also apply to other areas of life.<br /> &nbsp;
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Campsite Inspection Form
Camp Safety Honor Answers
Camp Safety Honor Requirements
Camp Safety Honor Quiz
Pathfinder Safety Guide

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Webinars And Videos
Safety and the Pathfinder Counselor
Join ARM's chief client care officer, David Fournier, for a special webinar geared towards leaders who work with Pathfinder clubs. This webinar covers the most updated Safety and the Counselor course.

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