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15-Passenger Vans: What is a 15-Passenger Van? [Video]

Adventist Risk Management Safety Resources

15-Passenger Vans: What is the Danger?

The 15-passenger vans are not balanced. The “walkway” to the rear seats goes along one side of the van. There will be less...

Protect Your Ministry: Remove 15-Passenger Vans From Use

This scenario happened to a group in Virginia on a Saturday morning in June 2016. The group was traveling in a 15-passenger van.   Still...


In 2016, the NAD voted to update its working policy to more clearly prohibit 15-passenger van use and to suggest safer alternatives. But what is a...

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Ministry

Avoid 15-Passenger Vans The North American Division (NAD) working policy prohibits the use of 15-passenger vans. As both ARM and the NAD have...

NAD-3 Steps to Develop a Risk Management Plan

3 Steps to Develop a Risk Management Plan To create a risk management plan for your church, follow these three simple steps. Step 1: Identify As...

2021 Risk Management Initiatives

Purpose and Scope Each year Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM) and the North American Division (NAD) Risk Management Committee pursue specific,...

Your Top 2016 Solutions

Your Top 2016 Solutions, Based on Website Views:  It Can Happen to You: There have been over 35,000 gun violence incidents within 2016...

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