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Pathfinder Safety Guide

Adventist Risk Management Safety Resources

International Pathfinder Camporee

Adventist Risk Management Safety Resources

Educating Your Pathfinder Leadership Team

Part of leading a ministry is working to make sure everyone involved is always safe. The safety guidelines for a camping trip may be more involved...

How to Teach the Pathfinder Camp Safety Honor

Adventist Risk Management Safety Resources

Getting to the Chosen Camporee

Some Pathfinders clubs may use a bus. Others may fly commercially and then use ground transportation to travel from the airport to the camporee site....

Children and Youth

Ensure each club member remains safe while they become servants of God and friends to man.

Pathfinder Safety: Preparing Staff and Volunteers

The Seventh-day Adventist Church places a priority and high value on children. Due to the vulnerable nature of children and youth it is appropriate...

NADENG - Planning Safe Pathfinder Outings

Safety was one of my biggest concerns when I was a Pathfinder club director. The last thing I wanted was for a Pathfinder in my care to experience a...

How to File a Claim

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