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Website Maintenance, March 28

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Emergency Planning
By definition, an emergency is a serious or dangerous situation that is unexpected, but that doesn&rsquo;t mean you can&rsquo;t plan for emergencies. Start by identifying the probable situations your church or school could face, including natural disasters and man-made emergencies. Next, develop a response plan you can activate quickly.<br /> <br /> Having a plan before an emergency happens is only the first step. Communicating your plan with the church or school community and practicing your emergency plan is critical for success when a real emergency hits.<br /> &nbsp;
Downloadable Infosheets
Be Flood Ready
What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation
Emergency Response Team
Preparing for Earthquakes
Firearms on Church Property
Active Shooter Safety Kit
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Solution Articles
It’s Time to Prepare for Severe Weather
Safety Sabbath 2023: Preparing your Church with Updated Fire Drill Resources
Are you Prepared for a Medical Emergency?
Does Your Church Hold Safety Drills?
Hospitality vs Hostile Intent
Fire Safety
Preparation and Planning: <br/> The Secret to Safe Activities
Emergency Planning Tools and Techniques
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Webinars And Videos
Getting Started with Emergency Planning
Join David Fournier, chief client care officer for Adventist Risk Management, Inc., in this webinar to learn how to get started with emergency planning and what your ministry should include in the plan.

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