Safety Officer
Ministries who have a safety officer to oversee safety and risk management often have fewer accidents and injuries. As with other areas of ministry, it is important to have one person who can take responsibility for ensuring these items are cared for in a timely fashion.<br /> <br /> Activities typically coordinated by a safety officer may include receiving and responding to maintenance requests around the church, performing annual inspections, coordinating seasonal maintenance, emergency planning, and reviewing activity safety procedures.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;
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Accident-Incident Report Form
The Safety Officer&#39;s Responsibilities
School Inspection Form

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Webinars And Videos
The Safety Officer
Learn about the important role of the church safety officer and how this key individual can make a difference in the risk management of your ministry.
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Watch Part 2 of the Risk Management for Pastors webinar and learn about the physical plant and life safety for your church, as well as a few quick start items you can do right now for your church.
Risk Management for Pastors
Learn how you can make risk management a priority in your church as a pastor, and the risk management initiatives you can implement in your church this year.

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