International Pathfinder Camporee insurance is now available!

International Pathfinder Camporee insurance is now available!

This insurance will pay medical expenses for loss due to an accident or an emergency illness. Coverage includes the actual days of the camporee August 5-11, 2024, with an additional seven days for direct travel to and from the camporee.
Clubs and attendees not from the United States should purchase Short-Term Travel insurance.

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Crisis Communication Series | Part 3 of 7 - Learn how to identify where things are likely to go wrong and understand how that issue will affect the organization. Gain the skills to know how to change behaviors and how to correct the challenges that are present.

The difference between an issue and a crisis

Crisis Communication Series | Part 2 of 7 - In this webinar, learn how to develop an “inventory” of potential issues so your organization can anticipate what it might face in the future. By doing this, you can often prevent an issue from becoming a crisis.

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The Safety Officer

Learn about the important role of the church safety officer and how this key individual can make a difference in the risk management of your ministry.

School Security Best Practices

Join ARM’s chief client care officer, David Fournier to discuss keys to sch security professional and author of the handbook School Security. Educators, school administrators, and staff are highly encouraged to watch. ool security with guest host Paul Timm, physical

Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement

Learning how to prevent fraud and embezzlement in church or school ministries is an essential practice for protecting the assets and reputation of the church. Following these practices is one way we can do our best for God. It is a way to protect the reputation of those who manage or handle the... <br /><span class='text-orange'>Read More</span>

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