How ARM serves its clients
Adventist Risk Management®, Inc. (ARM) helps protect Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools and ministries around the globe by offering risk management and safety resources to ministry leaders. We offer these resources to help you run safer, more effective ministries.
Club Ministries
Pathfinders and Adventurers are unique ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that make an incredible impact on its young people. These ministries also involve a significant amount of risk. Club leaders and staff need to prioritize safety in all club activities.<br /> <br /> Because club ministries are about mentoring children and youth, ARM has developed resources that actually teach young people about the basics of safety. This is done in the context of the club ministry environment, but the principles also apply to other areas of life.<br /> &nbsp;
Explore Topics
Explore Topics
15 Passenger Vans
9 Resources
The North American Division prohibits the use of 15-passenger vans. Learn why these vehicles are so dangerous and discover safer alternatives for your ministry.
Child Protection
47 Resources
Children and youth represent one of the greatest assets of the Adventist Church. Keeping them safe should be one of the highest priorities for our ministries.
Club Ministries
21 Resources
Teach Pathfinders and Adventurers the fundamentals of risk management and the importance of safety in the activities that club ministries frequently participate in.
Communicable Disease
17 Resources
A communicable disease epidemic can significantly impact your ministry. Discover strategies for mitigating the spread of disease and maintaining effective ministry.
25 Resources
Communication can either advance our mission or cause harm to the reputation of our ministry. How your ministry communicates, especially during a crisis, is critical.
24 Resources
Communication can either advance our mission or cause harm to the reputation of our ministry. How your ministry communicates, especially during a crisis, is critical.
Emergency Planning
43 Resources
Is your ministry prepared to face an emergency? Having a plan in place before an emergency strikes can be one of the best ways to successfully navigate a crisis.
17 Resources
You may not want to believe that fraud can happen in the church, but it does. Protect your ministry’s resources against fraud by developing strong financial policies.
17 Resources
The health and safety of your members is important. Preventing accidents and knowing how to respond to medical emergencies is an important part of your safety plan.
43 Resources
Adventist ministries face a number of liabilities and threats hiding in plain sight every day. Being able to identify and address these threats can help reduce risk.
41 Resources
A well-developed maintenance plan can extend the life of your facilities and reduce accidents. Discover how to start a seasonal maintenance program for your ministry.
Online Safety
5 Resources
Cyberattacks are a growing threat to churches and ministries, often with devastating results. Use this exhaustive checklist to protect your ministry from attack.
9 Resources
Having the right people on your team can help protect the vulnerable populations in your church. Finding the right people starts with screening staff and volunteers.
26 Resources
Protecting your church or school property from crime and theft is the foundation of any risk management plan. Failure to protect your property can be costly.
Safety Officer
25 Resources
The safety officer plays a critical role in coordinating the risk management strategies for churches and schools. Discover the benefits of having a safety officer.
Severe Weather
11 Resources
Hurricanes, tornados, and other severe storms can cause significant damage to your church or school. Know how to prepare for these storms and protect your ministry.
24 Resources
If part of your ministry includes travel, even across town, you face risks that can have life-changing effects for those traveling with you and for their families.
Water Safety
6 Resources
A relaxing day at the beach, lake, or river can end in tragedy for your group. Ensure you are following proper safety precautions when engaging in water activities.
8 Resources
Wildfires destroy everything in their path and can change direction without warning. If your property has excessive fuel, you may be at higher risk for wildfires.

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