Update for travelers

Update for travelers

International SOS replaces Europ Assist providing medical and travel security services.

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Sometimes the best way to explain safety and risk management is through visual demonstrations. ARM provides a variety of video resources to answer questions, explain difficult concepts, and even to highlight the importance of keeping your members and ministries safe. 

Upcoming Webinars

Crisis Communication 7-Part Series

A crisis can be a defining moment for your organization. Long-lasting perceptions are formed in moments during and immediately after a crisis. Knowing how to effectively communicate with your key stakeholders and the public in these moments can be the difference between successfully navigating a crisis or making it worse.
Join Adventist Risk Management Inc. and Chicago-based strategic communication firm Kurth Lampe Worldwide for a free 7-part webinar series on Crisis Communication. Learn how to develop your communication plan before a crisis strikes.
Register today for one or more of these important webinars to ensure your organization can navigate the challenges of crisis communication. All webinars are one hour in English and begin at 11:00 am EST.
Click Here to Register for - 1. What is "Reputation" and why is it important for faith-based organizations? January 16, 11:00 am EST 
Click Here to Register for - 2. The difference between an issue and a crisis January 30, 11:00 am EST 
Click Here to Register for - 3. How to identify issues and limit the likelihood that they turn into crises February 20,11:00 am EST 
Click Here to Register for - 4. Social media management March 12, 11:00 am EST
Click Here to Register for - 5. When a crisis hits (What to do in the first hours) March 26, 11:00 am EST
Click Here to Register for - 6. Integrating communication and operations April 16, 11:00 am EST
Click Here to Register for - 7. How to talk (or not) to the media (Media Relations 101) May 7, 11:00 am EST

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Watch some of our past webinars and videos by clicking on one of the playlists below.

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Safety Webinars

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