Information Regarding COVID-19

Information Regarding COVID-19

With the continued spread of COVID-19 causing concern around the world, Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM) is committed to providing relevant information for our clients regarding best-practices for prevention and mitigation of this serious disease.

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Returning to the Classroom: A Discussion on Reopening Schools

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Returning to the Classroom: Facility Cleaning Programs

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Returning to the Classroom: Long-Term Facilities Planning

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Returning to the Classroom: Operations & Maintenance Program

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Watch Past Webinars

What is a 15-Passenger Van?

Join David Fournier, chief client care officer of Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM), in this webinar, as he discusses the questions surrounding this type of vehicle. Learn about the NAD working policy update, the myths, and facts on 15-passenger vans, and the additional safety practices you should implement to keep drivers and passengers protected.

Getting to the Camporee

Join ARM’s chief client care officer, David Fournier to discuss the safety issues you need to be aware of as you plan your travel for the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee. Pathfinder leaders, pastors, and youth leaders are highly encouraged to watch and share.

Building the Right Fence

Join ARM's chief client care officer, David Fournier, in this webinar on the guidelines and processes you can put in place today to create a safer environment for the children in your ministry. Learn how to build the right fence for your ministry.

Safety and the Pathfinder Counselor

Join ARM's chief client care officer, David Fournier, for a special webinar geared towards leaders who work with Pathfinder clubs. This webinar covers the most updated Safety and the Counselor course.

How to Prevent Bullying in Your Ministry

Join ARM's chief client care officer, David Fournier and client care manager, Daisy Montes de Oca for a webinar to help you learn how to prevent bullying your ministry. Watch and share with your leaders in education.

15-Passenger Vans: The Risks and Alternatives

Understand the specific risks of using 15-passenger vans and learn more about the alternative options that are a safer choice in this webinar presented by David Fournier, Adventist Risk Management, Inc. vice president and chief client care officer.

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